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More than 47 years of experience at your service supplying tanks and industrial equipment FRP and latest generation of thermoplastics. 

With an installed capacity of 30,000 kg per month, trained personnel and a high dedication to service, we serve the Chemical Process, Food, Pharmaceutical, Mining and Water Treatment Industries, among others, nationally and internationally.

Using innovative filament winding and thermo fusion processes, we manufacture storage and reaction tanks, pipes, gas scrubber towers, Parshall gutters, as well as gratings for floors and structural profiles.

Our Mission is to collaborate with the Client in the optimal selection, manufacture and operation of anticorrosive industrial equipment, which guarantees the proper functioning of its Industrial Plants, along with considerable economic savings. 


EFISA® is currently in the process of implementing a Quality Management System to obtain the certification of the International Standard ISO 9001 – 2015.

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